String Surfer's Guide to Musician's Mobility - Demo

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Exercises for Musicianís Health and Flexibility

10 Dynamic and Flowing exercises specifically designed for active Musicians, encouraging Health and Strength in Hands, Arms and Shoulders.

This program promotes flexibility and mobility in the upper body, neck and back with the goal of greater endurance and longevity, improving Musician's performances and daily lives.

The DVD "String Surfer's Guide to Musician's Mobility" contains 10 major exercises easily incorporated into a daily routine and pre-performance warm up. Hosted by the String Surfer himself and featuring Elly Howard as your instructor demonstrating these easy to follow movements and motions.

Enjoy immediate results and improvements in your playing and well being. Empower yourself with the ability to work on specific areas in your body. Feel the healing power that greater mobility brings to your performances!

This DVD also features the String Surfer guiding you through a special session of continuous flow: a combination of all these exercises and how they can be used in a continuous flow of motion!

Watch this special informal introduction to "String Surfer's Guide to Musician's Mobility" hosted by the String Surfer himself!

Notes from the String Surfer

There are millions and millions of musicians on this planet. Music is being played every instant the earth cruises through space and in every moment in time since the first notes were emitted from original creative sparks. These brothers and sisters of music are united in a common goal of playing notes and singing songs to express themselves and communicate to our fellow humans, plants, animals, stars, moon and sun. Our entire environment is reflected in music. Every emotion can be translated and related to others through melody as though by telepathy: clearly, instantly and honestly.

The satisfaction rewarded to the musicians and players is immeasurable. It becomes stronger than obsession because the deep satisfaction and healing power attained from playing music grows exponentially!

Just try not playing for a while and witness the funk settling in. Watch any musician deprived of his or her instrument become lost and at odds. We need to express ourselves musically to maintain a universal balance. Even the down right dirtiest blues turns to elation once it is played, but keep it bottled up and it can hurt. Illness can set in, severe ailments and even bodily harm! Not playing music is a sentence to a mediocre life.

In my personal experience I survived the severest test that life can offer and immediately found solace or at least temporary respite from my torment in playing my 12 String Guitar. During those moments of actual playing, I could detach myself from the unbelievable pain I felt from loss. Depression lifted from my body and soul during those exact minutes I engaged in playing. Singing freed my spirit! In time, these breaks from my harsh reality helped strengthen me enough to move through the many stages of grief ahead of me.

I would like every musician to always have that power within their reach to transcend adversity, and live happy productive lives. "I am, the String Surfer! I am the 12 String Man. I will stand to my accurser, I will play the only way I can!" are the lyrics in my theme song. In order to keep playing "the only way I can", I not only have to grow and develop musically, but I need to be physically able to perform accurately on my instrument-the 12 String Guitar. My fingers need to be flexible; wrists and elbows need to be free from aches and my shoulders need a total range of mobility and movement. My back needs to be strong and durable. My neck has to stay pliable and relaxed and my lower back needs to be stable and free of obstruction, temporary or chronic. And I need to stand on a balanced and reliable foundation.

From my feet to the top of my head I am counting on cooperation throughout my body so that I can rehearse, compose and perform on my instrument. I need my entire body to be able to survive touring pressures and withstand the damage caused by travel, sleep disruptions, strange foods, and other diversions.