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Hofner Guitars of Baiersdorf, Germany, has endorsed me as their official 12 String Guitar player and presented me with a beautiful instrument, especially designed for my style of playing and musical versatility. One the final week of my 5 month tour of Europe, Thomas Jordan of the Hofner Stringed and Fretted instrument company surprised me with a visit to the Dave Lee Howard Band's studio rehearsals. Bearing a special gift of the Jumbo/Cutaway/Quilted Lacewood HA-JC03-12ET 12 String Guitar. This instrument is entirely new in Hofner's line of products and features Pick-up/pre-amp system with integrated chromatic tuner, two separate Hi and Low impedance input jacks and Grover Tuners.

I do not have to mention how far my jaw dropped and how pleased I am to be endorsed by the historic company that produced the Beatle Bass 500/1 the helped shape Paul McCartney's incredible bass style.

The 2006 European Tour was the longest and most successful in my career. On the musical spectrum, playing upwards to 80 gigs in this short time, a fluid easy style developed on my 12 String, my fingers and hands were at the peak of strength and flexibility.I have not played like this in years. Because I needed to pace myself a little on my vocals, the natural roughness of overuse, my singing reached a totally new, mature range of tone that I never had before. By the end of this mammoth tour I was at a career peak in performance and ability, my sense of humor was loose and bent, delivering newly improvised, dry and self effacing lines every night. Sometimes I really had to stop the show and laugh out loud, heartily and tearing up.

So after a short sailing adventure through the Aegean seas, I returned to Frankfurt to reunite with my band of Gypsies. We had all had an incredible summer, some got married, some had babies, and all were ready to record @ the Toolhouse studios with Wolfman and his team. The climax was to be a live recording of our greatest songs on Friday the 13th of October.

Back here in Lake Stevens, reviewing the rough mixes, the DVD and photos, I get a grand and groovy vibe on how great we played and how lucky I am to have these great musicians around me, embracing my music as their own. 14 songs of which 3 are new and the rest have new arrangements. Katrin Haag contributed some amazing singing, especially on two new songs where she takes the lead, Felix and Paul created the most enticing groove and bed of Rhythm where I could vamp away for hours, and Ralf rolled out some true gems of melodic Violin (and fiddle @ some point).

Thanks to all and everyone for this incredible gift. And especially Volker and Gitti for catching me in their safety net. Annette and Manfred along with Maik and Robin David Leber for taking me into your family and making me a Godfather, Horst and Lothar, the greatest sidekicks the world has ever seen, Maria, Rainer, and Nicol for your hospitality and love, Dagmar and Helmut, without whom nothing would come off smoothly and whose tireless efforts make my career move forward, thanks you two for the Nurmburg Music Messe this week and what a great time we all had in Silkeborg, Ruth and Wolle and Rezi, Musikhaus Renz, Marion, Oliver and Werner, Robert and Heidi, Manner the Man, Ingo in Berlin and hundreds more...

Jumbo/Cutaway/Quilted Lacewood HA-JC03-12ET 12 String Guitar

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