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Gigs & Events ~ Listing for 2020
*Also available for private events and concerts*

Listing for April


 Postal   Code   Location   City     Time 
 April 28    The Madison  Everett  (Washington)    07:00pm
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Message for European Tour 2020

 Hello Friends I hope you are healthy and taking it easy in the crazy times! Sadly I will not be touring Germany and Europe this summer....the first time in 46 years! I am needed at home in Mount Vernon, Washington to take care of my family and help my neighbors and friends. Hopefully we can make up time and music in 2021! So take good care of your Families and Friends this summer and check out my music on the web and be strong and positive. Sending my Love and Energy to you. All the very Best from Dave Lee

Listing for June


 Postal   Code   Location   City     Time 
 June 6  63457  Silverado  Hanau  (Germany)    20:00 Uhr
 June 7  63303  Dorfbrunnenfest  Goetzenhain  (Germany)    11:00 Uhr
 June 13    Hotel Aux Comtes  de Hanau  Ingwiller  (France)    18:00 Uhr
 June 19  65795  Zur Krone  Hattersheim  (Germany)    20:00 Uhr
 June 21/22  38899  Pullman City  Harz  Hasselfelde  (Germany)    19:00 Uhr
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