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A Few Words from the Past and Present

I see my music as having no boundaries, no specific genre and demographic orientation. My Guitar playing honors no restrictions and constraints, no pulled punches, crossing into fields known and unknown.
My goal is to free my soul by ever expanding my musical horizons and inducing wave upon wave of liberating improvisation as well as connecting to my past influences. In short, unapologetic and seeking the honesty in myself to never stray from this quest.

I have been a professional/working musician since age 14 and am now well into my 50's and find myself striving harder than ever. Touring the globe 6 months out of the year, recording @ every opportunity, gigging locally when home, hosting seminars on the "Secrets of the 12 String Guitar" and "Career Options for Musicians", performing showcases for Hofner Guitars and Shadow Pickup Systems, Jamming endlessly, taking Guitar lessons and expanding into new instruments and music from all over the world kinda keeps me busy and fed.

I may have started out in the 60's as a Beat musician, garage band apostil, traversing through Soul Groups and Texas Blues Tributes but by the early 70's I was deep into Progressive Rock with Classical influences. Leaving Europe for the West Coast was the eye opener I needed to continue this Musical Journey into Country Classics, Show Tunes and Lounge cocktail stuff, when I discovered Bluegrass and Acoustic Based Americana.

Landing in Canada, I chose the 12 String Dreadnaught Guitar as my main Axe and proceeded to explore as many styles as possible being endlessly fascinated by how few limitations this instrument held for me. Needing a fret job within 3 months was my first clue that I had found my Muse and playing it in a most untraditional manner. Learning new material, doing scales and practicing every lick Id ever heard gave me a ground up musical education and I slipped quietly out of apprenticeship and established myself as a Journeyman. I celebrated by doing a One Man Band Elvis Show.

Enter the 80's...playing locally in Seattle and the Northwest, raising a Family, writing new Music...all done in relative comfort and in the Idyllic Setting of the Foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This led to several Wax releases including the now mystically Legendary "Marie Antoinette", which can still be found in record cutout bins in finer Goodwill Stores all over the West Coast.

Europe began to call me back on a regular basis and I started playing in Pubs, then Halls and Town Squares till I found my way into the Festival Tour and Concert Series. Lots of Open Air stuff and great audiences. By the time the 90's rolled around I had become known as the "String Surfer", releasing new age, avant guard, Mediterranean style instrumental CD's for local labels and really taking the 12 String into a realm I think no one has ever reached or even endeavored to. I was at the top of my game and playing almost anything I could think of, ever expanding and striving for more new notes and wild progressions...

And then it hit me, the Death of my Son Thomas stopped me in my tracks and I had no where to go but inside myself. Every morning's realization of our loss closed the world outside and forced me to confront my own fate and future as never before. I was very fortunate for in playing music and singing I was able to achieve some release and respite from this constant pain and soon began on a new quest.

Lyrics suddenly became the new drive in my creativity and I drove myself into the printed word as I had previously delved into the 12 String Guitars. I wrote lyrics, journals, film scripts, travel logs and a personal diary to exorcise my demons. Soon I had written and recorded a somewhat alternative country Trilogy and formed the Dave Lee Howard Band in Germany to perform these songs resulting in Live Sessions and, hopefully reaching the Apex of my search for the truth and the Grail of my Songwriting skills culminating in "Last Picture Show".

Heavily supported by independent Radio and a great European Fan Base I finally found myself with a career. Three years ago I joined Hofner Guitars as an endorsee, playing Demos all over Europe and California. Showcasing the amazing sound of their 12 Strings at the NAMM Show in LA and Frankfurt International Music Fair.

Shadow Guitar Pickup Systems invited me to endorse their great sounding pickups in 2008 and I am glad I am part of their great company. Frankly, I am looking to Adamas and D'Addario because I go through a fortune in Strings every year!

Now I a find myself full circle and I am releasing an Instrumental Extravaganza to implode upon the senses and establish me as a Trend setting, cutting edge Guitar Guru. Maybe that is what I need to be...a Pioneer... I know of no one else who plays the Guitar as I do and am extremely happy with this special Niche I find myself in...thanks in part to You!

David Lee Howard and the Band

For over 20 years, Dave Lee Howard has been traveling the globe as the Outlaw Troubadour, performing on thousands of stages in the USA, Asia, and Europe. With his spectacular 12 String Guitar talents and a trunk full of songs, he has captivated audiences with wild, cutting edge instrumentals and musical tales of adventure, heartache, and redemption. As the consummate performer, he has taken his career further than many contemporary artists and established himself in a class all his own.

Born in San Francisco, raised in the USA, Japan and all over Europe, he started playing in bands in the 1960`s, settling in Seattle, Washington in the 70`s, always returning to his roots in Germany for annual tours. So it was no surprise when he traveled there in 2002 to form the Dave Lee Howard Band, assembling this group from the ground up with the help of Artist Commune-kahouse in Frankfurt.

Super Fiddler, Ralf Hübner contributed his talents to Dave`s singer songwriter tour. Ralf is one of the most sought after violinists internationally, first chair violin at the Symphony Orchester of Frankfurt and recent tours with Sarah Brightman and many more. Katrin Haag, whose studio and live "musicals" stage experience contributes tailor made harmonies and on stage charisma. The rhythm section consists of Felix Wiegand on Upright Bass and Paul Hochstädter on Drums, seasoned musicians with vast exposure in Rockabilly, Country, Big Band and versatile studio sessions. They create the absolute groove. All were handpicked and chosen on the basis of their personal charm as well as superb musicianship. Surrounding himself with young, fresh, energetic talent, Dave himself is in awe of their pride and appreciation of his original music.

My good friend and violin virtuous Ralf Huebner has not only managed to increase the population of Germany, with Olga’s able assistance, but he has also managed to snag some pretty incredible sideman gigs. Scorpions comes to mind in Munich, but most indelibly his joining Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull as a full time member is the coup de ta of magnificent proportions. Sure enough after proving himself as the Paganini of cult rock with Ian’s unplugged tour he has been asked officially to join. Wow!

Felix has been busy with several bands and projects but last year he and Dick Brave were shipped off to Costa Rica to play 3 songs @ Pink’s wedding! Incredible, she loved their version of “Get the Party Started”, totally Rockabilly, and paid the way. Speaking of Pink, Kat’s group opened for her in Hamburg last summer. Best of luck to all my side dishes and May we play together often in 2006.

Just the facts ...

Career Milestones......
  • Songwriter Awards from the American Music Festival 1979 - 1985
  • International Airplay on 4 Continents: Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia
  • Television Appearences, Live Radio concerts and highest praise for his stage and studio work by the world press
  • Eight CD?s in the last ten years
  • Dynamic songwriting for over 40 international recording artists, commercials and theme song compositions
  • Absolutely original 12 String Guitar stylist

    Band Highlights ......
    2002 Video and studio work on 3 Dave Lee Songs
    2003 Premier performance at the Berlin Country Music Messe in February
    2003 Summer Tour of EIGHT European Countries
    2003 Live CD double album project featuring both solo and Band concerts
    2004 Gypsy Soul Release
    2005 Scare Dance Video with Zauberkirbis on KIKA European Children's Television
    2006 New live CD recorded in Germany, October 13th

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